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Winning eBuy RFQs

Want to win more GSA eBuy quotes? There are several ways that GSA eBuy sales happen. In each of these there are specific patterns that provide you with ways to maximize your exposure and can get those federal buyers buying from you.

What is GSA eBuy?

GSA eBuy. is an exclusive "quote club" reserved only for GSA schedule holders. If you don't have a GSA schedule, you will never know these opportunities exist because GSA eBuy Request for Quotes (RFQs) never hit FBO or any other notification platform. Opportunities of all shapes, sizes and value hit GSA eBuy every day and there is a really cool tool called QuikFuse that provides a jumpstart on all eBuy opportunities.

How QuikFuse works... Click here for Video Overview

1) QuikFuse logs into GSA eBuy for you.

QuikFuse notifies you immediately via email.

3) The
QuikFuse email has all descriptions, documents and specs as attachments, so you can see them and quickly decide if they make sense to bid. (This eliminates the need for downloading and organizing eBuy linked files)

4) The
QuikFuse email lets you know immediately if the quote is set aside or if it is a shortlisted (only bid to select schedule holders) opportunity.


Complete custom competitor

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5) If you click "Bid" on the QuikFuse email, QuikFuse QuoteHound will remind you daily about the quote, then harass you until you submit the bid.

QuikFuse logs all of the quotes and collects all of the contact information for future reference (and proactive pursuit).

The cost of QuikFuse is $89 per month, has a ton of functionality and quickly pays for itself in time saving alone. For schedules like 70, 75, 56 and 36 where hundreds of quotes hit every month, QuikFuse is a no brainer. For less active schedules it easily pays for itself by winning quotes that might have been missed by not logging into eBuy.

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GSA FY2018 Sales Reported 8/1/2018
Reported by GSA SSQ

We all want our GSA business to be stable and profitable. With changing regulations, initiatives and  regular governmental red tape, it can get complicated just keeping your schedule current.  So you not only need to keep your GSA schedule compliant,  you need to make your GSA schedule relevant.

Revisions – Keep your schedule current and make the necessary adjustments so you can maintain profitability.

- Delete old and add new products
- Update pricing so you are not upside down
- Make EPAs (Economic Price Adjustments)
- SIP upload – Get’s your pricing on GSAadvantage

Maintenance – Keep your schedule in compliance with GSA requirements.

- Quarterly Reporting is due by end of the month following quarter end.
- Mass Mods need to be acknowledged and accepted. These can happen at anytime throughout the year.

GSAadvantage Optimization – Depending on your product or service offerings, you might be able to achieve significant improvements in how your buyers find you on GSAadvantage. There are several factors that influence the placement of your products on GSAadvantage including price, description, deliver-ability, economic set-aside status. You can make changes that improve you placement in the buyers search results.

- Perform a placement review of where you fall in reference to competitors in all search categories
- Take a look at the patterns that buyers use to find what they need
- Adjust product based on buyer patterns
- Market your optimized schedule directly to buyers

Top 20 GSA Schedule Holders

Jamey Zell

GSA Contract Specialist

Maximizing your GSA for 2018

In the

About Jamey Zell - Jamey is President of Since 2002, Jamey has worked with companies to develop winning proposals and maintains a 100% track record of winning GSA Contracts and provides ongoing maintenance of contracts to keep them profitable and competitive.   For more information visit Jamey can be reached at

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