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Maximizing your GSA for 2017

We all want our GSA business to be stable and profitable. With changing regulations, initiatives and  regular governmental red tape, it can get complicated just keeping your schedule current.  So you not only need to keep your GSA schedule compliant,  you need to make your GSA schedule relevant.

Revisions – Keep your schedule current and make the necessary adjustments so you can maintain profitability.

- Delete old and add new products
- Update pricing so you are not upside down
- Make EPAs (Economic Price Adjustments)
- SIP upload – Get’s your pricing on GSAadvantage

Maintenance – Keep your schedule in compliance with GSA requirements.

- Quarterly Reporting is due by end of the month following quarter end.
- Mass Mods need to be acknowledged and accepted. These can happen at anytime throughout the year.

GSAadvantage Optimization – Depending on your product or service offerings, you might be able to achieve significant improvements in how your buyers find you on GSAadvantage. There are several factors that influence the placement of your products on GSAadvantage including price, description, deliver-ability, economic set-aside status. You can make changes that improve you placement in the buyers search results.

- Perform a placement review of where you fall in reference to competitors in all search categories
- Take a look at the patterns that buyers use to find what they need
- Adjust product based on buyer patterns
- Market your optimized schedule directly to buyers

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About Jamey Zell - Jamey is President of Since 2002, Jamey has worked with companies to develop winning proposals and maintains a 100% track record of winning GSA Contracts and provides ongoing maintenance of contracts to keep them profitable and competitive.   For more information visit Jamey can be reached at

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GSA eBuy heats up as federal buyers release over $180 Billion in opportunities before September fiscal year end. According to Dave Lowe, CEO of isiFederal QuikFuse eBuy monitoring is showing a steady increase of eBuy RFQs and RFIs.  "Right now we are in the beginning stages of year end activities" says Lowe, "we expect to see QuikFuse sending over 10,000 opportunities a week by the time we hit mid August."

isiFederal uses QuikFuse to monitor GSA eBuy for several clients and has recently released its latest version which can deliver RFQs and RFIs via email within seconds of it appearing on a GSA schedule holder's eBuy account.  This can provide a significant advantage over competitors who wait for the summary email and then have to log into eBuy.  The QuikFuse notification engine delivers the email with all the attachments (up to 25MB) so customers can quickly see whether the opportunity meets their capabilities.

Irrespective of whether you use QuikFuse or log into GSA eBuy directly, expect a high volume of opportunities to flow through the eBuy system.  Other expectations include shrinking turn-arounds and shortlisted oppoprtunities that are only competed between two or three GSA schedule holders.  So, monitor eBuy regularly and make sure you stay on your toes... The next 3 months will be a very busy time on GSA eBuy.


QuikFuse has released the latest version of its GSA eBuy monitoring tool

Jamey Zell

GSA Contract Specialist

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